Greg Ferrara

Senior Vice President, Government Relations & 
Public Affairs
National Grocers Association (NGA) 

Greg Ferrara is the Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs for the National Grocers Association based in Arlington, VA. He is NGA’s chief lobbyist, responsible for representing the Association and its members before Members of Congress, Federal Agencies, and the Executive Branch on a wide-variety of issues while also overseeing the NGA Grocers PAC, NGA Campaign, and grassroots efforts. He also oversees NGA’s communications and marketing department, and is responsible for working closely with and maintaining an excellent relationship between NGA and its state grocer association partners. Mr. Ferrara holds a B.A. in Political Science from Loyola University New Orleans and is a fellow of the prestigious Institute of Politics at Loyola University. He is a graduate of the NGA Executive Leadership Program at Cornell University.