HFFI Program Impact

The Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI) was created to improve access to healthy foods in underserved areas, to create and preserve quality jobs, and to revitalize low-income communities.

HFFI provides financial and technical assistance, either directly or through other partners and intermediaries, to eligible fresh, healthy food retailers and food retail supply chain enterprises to overcome the higher costs and initial barriers to entry in underserved areas.

To date, HFFI has awarded over $25 million in funding directly to 162 food retail and food retail supply chain projects through the HFFI Targeted Small Grants Program. These projects have been located in 48 states, in addition to Washington DC and Puerto Rico. In 2024, an additional $40 million was awarded in grants to 16 public-private partnerships through the HFFI Local and Regional Healthy Food Financing Partnerships Program to support the creation of a new or expansion of an existing Food Financing Program. These Food Financing Programs will serve 20 states and involve 75 partners. 


HFFI Targeted Small Grants Program Impact


HFFI Partnerships Program Impact