40 million Americans still live without easy access to fresh and healthy food options.

America’s Healthy Food Financing Initiative aims to improve access to healthy food and expand economic opportunity in underserved areas.

How we improve access:

America’s Healthy Food Financing Initiative provides resources to healthy food retail and to overcome the higher costs and initial barriers to serving areas with inequitable access. The program currently provides:


The program ultimately aims to provide additional capacity building and financing resources to build a more equitable food system that supports the health and economic vibrancy of all Americans.

Latest News

Austin Fresh Produce Provider Lands $185K Grant

A program designed to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to Austin through weekend popup shops recently received a federal grant that could help it become a more permanent presence in the community. The Austin Grocery Initiative, which is a collaboration between Forty Acres Fresh Market and the Westside Health Authority, received $185,000 in financial assistance from Healthy Food Financing Initiative, a new grants program through the United States Department of Agriculture. The Austin Grocery Initiative was one of 23 grantees awarded financial and technical assistance grants.

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Reinvestment Fund’s HFFI Supports Food Access Across the Nation

Forty million Americans still live without easy access to fresh and healthy food options. But not if the Healthy Food Financing Initiative(HFFI), which provides financial assistance and technical assistance to food access projects, has anything to say about it. Set into motion by the Agricultural Act of 2014, the HFFI is a public-private partnership headed by Reinvestment Fund on behalf of USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

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Erie Downtown Development Corporation Receives Grant to Help Develop Culinary Arts District

The Erie Downtown Development Corporation (EDDC) is among 13 organizations receiving a grant from an United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) program to help develop its Culinary Arts District in downtown Erie. A total of $400,000 in technical assistance awards was provided to the recipients from the Healthy Food Financing Initiative’s (HFFI) inaugural grants program.

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We work with a variety of partners to make a difference in communities most in need of access to healthy food. Join us.